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Portland, OR




"Mike Edeen has rejuvenated two of our homes now: a 1908 Craftsman-style and a 1932 Tudor-style. The Craftsman had the original kitchen cabinetry, but we needed more to match the original Douglas fir (modern kitchens need much more storage space than 1908 kitchens). The Tudor had been "updated" in 1960 and looked awful! Mike built mahogany cabinetry in the 1932 style, including a cabinet cover for our Sub-Zero refrigerator. The kitchens both have returned to their period appearance, and the work was done with speed, style, and conscientiousness. In addition, Mike has built cabinetry for bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms, all to our unique specifications. He is now a part of our extended family, thanks to all the excellent work he has done for us through the years."

-Donald and Lila Brightbill

"I have known Mike for about a decade, and he has worked on my own personal projects and those of my friends and clients. Mike has a thorough understanding of historic period design and building techniques, and is a exemplar craftsman. He does it right, and he does it right the first time. Mike is also very good at creative problem solving, so he is not flummoxed by challenging situations. He always seems to be able to find a winning solution that works for all concerned. I have told Mike that he can never move, retire, or die. It is just too difficult to find craftsmen of his caliber."

-Karla Pearlstein, Restoring History LLC